Outstanding Floor Toppings and Self-Smoothers in Worcester and the West Midlands

Discover the benefits of resin floor toppings in Worcester and throughout the West Midlands. Lazercote provides self-smoothing screeds for a wide array of floors. Offering a complete range of colours, we complete all resin applications to the highest possible standard. Whether it’s epoxy or polyurethane, Get in touch today for further details.

flow-Applied Epoxy Resin

Providing a hygienic, seamless, and chemical-resistant surface, epoxy resin floor toppings are hard-wearing and virtually maintenance-free. As the name suggests, the application takes a while, but the results are much thicker and more durable than other applications, which is perfect for heavy-duty and high-traffic areas. This solution is ideal for use in:

Self Smoother - Slow-Applied Epoxy Resin

  • Food Production

  • Aerospace

  • Showrooms

  • Engineering

  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

  • Laboratories


Offering excellent chemical and impact resistance, polyurethane self-smoothers are available in a wide selection of colours. This topping provides a seamless, hygienic, and chemically resistant floor that requires very little maintenance. What’s more, the polyurethane contracts and expands, making it ideal for use in colder environments. This trowel-applied coating is ideal for high-traffic environments, including:

Self Smoother - Slow-Applied Polyurethane Epoxy

  • Food Processing

  • Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories

  • Cold Storage and Dairies

  • Print Works

  • Warehouse and Production

  • Breweries

Providing Smooth Toppings

Our self-smoothing screed solutions include an array of resin floor toppings.