Effective Industrial Floor Preparation and Cleaning in Worcester and the West Midlands

Call on our experienced team for industrial floor preparation before a new installation. At Lazercote, we understand that a long-lasting resin floor is an investment for the future, which is why we provide first-class services for clients throughout Worcester and the West Midlands. Whether it’s chemical cleaning or shot blasting, we will always use the right method to prepare your floor, leaving you with an excellent finish. Get in touch today to arrange your initial consultation.

Chemical Cleaning

For older and potentially contaminated floor surfaces, chemical cleaning is required before your new floor can be installed. Our process will strip dirt and remove all surface contaminants from existing coatings, leaving your floor clean and ready for further preparation. This service is delivered alongside mechanical abrasion, and never on its own.

Mechanical Abrasion

Generally used on existing coatings that have been chemically cleaned, mechanical abrasion is a process of sanding the surface and extracting dust to ensure the surface is clean as possible before a new installation. This is suitable for existing coatings that are still well-adhered and in good condition, to help the fresh coat to bond better for longer.

Floor Scabbing

If your floor is heavily contaminated or has an existing coating that requires removal, floor scabbing is ideal for your needs. Using a dust extraction system, this process will eliminate dust and debris as well as removing heavy grime, surface contamination, or existing floor toppings.

Diamond Grinding

Similar to floor scabbing, diamond grinding is a slower process that leaves a smoother surface. Best suited to smaller areas, this service is more cost-effective than shot blasting, making it ideal for floor coating applications rather than heavy-duty floor toppings. Our team are happy to provide advice and guidance on choosing the right service for your requirements.

Shot Blasting

Quick, effective, and clean vacuum assisted, shot blasting is the most widely used method of floor preparation. Shot blasting is generally used on medium to large-scale projects. 

Preparing Your Floors

Our industrial floor preparation solutions include shot blasting and chemical cleaning.